Why Community Benefit?

Why does Salina Regional Health Center publish our Community Benefit Reports? At Salina Regional Health Center, we consider the counties of the Sunflower Health Network to be a part of the community we serve. The assets of Salina Regional are here for the purpose of serving the healthcare needs of this community. Because Salina Regional is not owned by private investors, its profits are not distributed as dividends to stockholders. Instead, they are reinvested in the organization to develop new programs, construct new facilities and acquire lifesaving technologies.

Additionally, unlike the vast majority of hospitals across the U.S., Salina Regional goes a step beyond the typical concept of community benefit. Since 1994, the hospital has invested a portion of its financial bottom line in the regional community by making a significant annual contribution to the Community Health Investment Program (CHIP) of the Salina Regional Health Foundation. The Foundation is separate from and not controlled by Salina Regional Health Center. It uses CHIP funds to support numerous health-improvement programs in north central Kansas.

View our annual Community Benefit Reports below.

Community Needs Assessment 2015 (PDF)
Community Benefit Report 2014 (PDF)
Community Needs Assessment 2013 (PDF)
Community Benefit Report 2013 (PDF)
Community Benefit Report 2012 (PDF)
Community Benefit Report 2011 (PDF)
Community Benefit Report 2010 (PDF)
Community Benefit Report 2009 (PDF)
Community Benefit Report 2008 (PDF)