April 2021 Update

Well, it has been quite a year! Despite all the disruptions and change, SRHC still managed to train Yellow Belts and Green Belts and have hit $21 million in savings. While there was much downside to this whole thing, we did learn how to do training via Zoom and training completely on-line. We also started Lean Lunch and Learns and started a weekly Lean Pop-Up course. So, as we move forward and the Covid restrictions ease up, we will continue our completely on-line training through OpusWorks but also (potentially) offer our training live via Zoom. This will allow SRHC to provide Lean training to our friends in the Sunflower Health Network at no cost to them. We will hopefully soon open up our in-person training in the Lean Learning Center. So, while the Covid 19 restrictions buffeted us for the last year, your Kaizen Promotion Office (KPO) is well positioned to meet the challenges on 2021. Stay tuned!

A New Partnership

Salina Regional Health Enterprises (SRHE) and Competitive Business Solutions (CBS) proudly announce a partnership to deliver Lean 6 Sigma training to health-care entities. This partnership creates an unprecedented combination of leaders in the health-care industry and Lean 6 Sigma services. This new alliance recognizes Salina Regional’s great success in Lean and intends to provide this training to a 6-state area (central U.S.).

This partnership is a result of each party’s passion of improving medical services while continuing to increase affordability within the healthcare industry. Joel Phelps, Chief Executive Officer of SRHE, indicated, “Salina Regional Health Enterprise has always had the desire to help other organizations that face similar challenges. This partnership will allow our team to expand our reach and hopefully help other health systems improve performance.” Phelps also expressed while the savings provided by their efforts is meaningful, the improved service, quality and patient outcomes are really what it is all about. Ed Hoffman, Founder and President of CBS, recently affirmed, “CBS is extremely excited to be partnering with Salina Regional Health Enterprises. This partnership gives health organizations the best of SRHE’s proven training approach and our ability to help organizations apply the training to attain significant results.” Hoffman further shared that assisting health organizations “has always been a personal passion.” The ability to leverage CBS’s years of partnering with organizations to drive operational excellence and getting to apply it in the health-care space will have a direct impact on people, which is meaningful to Hoffman.

The initial service offerings include training and site application to support the concepts learned. The current classes include Lean Six Sigma Yellow, Green and Black Belt classes. The classes can be held either at independent training sites local to specific health systems or at SRHE’s state of the art training facility. Additionally, SRHE and CBS can both customize the training and develop an implementation process designed to meet the needs of each hospital or health system. The Lean Six Sigma classes are interactive with a blend of lecture and application to reinforce the materials presented.

Collectively, SRHE and CBS’s over 60 core team members have been delivering Lean Six Sigma training and services to industry and health care organizations for over 20 years. These services have yielded hundreds of millions of dollars in savings and created a force of over 1,500 trained associates in the SHRE healthcare network alone.