Hand Therapy

Patients suffering from an arm or hand injury or chronic condition can find relief through Salina Regional Health Center's hand therapy program. Our certified hand therapist uses the most advanced treatment methods to rehabilitate and address difficulties resulting from fractures, laceration, amputation, burns, tendonitis, nerve injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis and work or sports injuries.

Therapy is specially designed for each patient to restore range of motion and strength and regain feeling. In the case of a job-related injury, special equipment is used to replicate tasks a worker must routinely perform as part of the job.

Our hand therapist also plays a role in determining disability for the state by using a series of tests to evaluate loss of function.

Appointments for hand therapy for the hand or arm can be made by calling Salina Regional's Outpatient Physical Therapy Department at 785-452-6787. A physician's referral is necessary.

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