Pulmonary Rehab

Chronic obstructive lung disease, which includes asthma, emphysema and chronic bronchitis, can be debilitating and even life-threatening during cold and flu season.

Salina Regional Health Center's Pulmonary Rehabilitation programs offers education and exercise training specifically tailored to those with the disease, to help improve strength and function and fight off further illnesses that could lead to hospitalization.

Every other month, free education classes are offered through the program, which helps participants learn more about their disease, offers breathing retraining instruction, discusses medication and infections, and offers guidelines to start an exercise program. Once education is complete, participants are encouraged to start an exercise program initially through Salina Regional so their breathing function can be closely monitored and exercise regimens can be developed specifically for each individual's abilities.

Those who participate in the program find with exercise they physically get stronger and are able to do more at home. They also become more attuned to their own illness, which helps them recognize early signs of illness and prevent severe lung infections.

For more information about Salina Regional Health Center's Pulmonary Rehabilitation program call (785) 452-6689.

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