Vestibular Rehabilitation (Dizziness and Balance Management)

Vestibular Rehabilitation Treatment (VRT)

Salina Regional Health Center's rehabilitation services offers vestibular rehabilitation. Many people experience dizziness or balance problems at some point in their life caused by an imbalance or loss within the peripheral vestibular system. Often dizziness puts someone at risk of falling and keeps them from their normal activities.

After special testing, we can determine what special exercises and positioning techniques are needed to help resolve the dizziness.

What happens during Vestibular Rehabilitation

A qualified therapist will first perform a thorough evaluation. This includes assessing visual stability and mobility, positional testing, balance and gait assessments.

The goals of vestibular rehabilitation including reducing dizziness and related symptoms, and also to improve balance. This will improve ability to regain function in activities of daily living and reduce risk of falling.

For information about this program, call (785) 452-6787.

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