Concussion Quick Facts

  • After a hit to the head:
    • IMMEDIATELY stop playing, working, or practicing
    • DO NOT return to activity the same day with a concussion
  • Athletes DO NOT have to be “knocked out” to have a concussion.
  • CT Scans do not diagnose concussions.
  • It is OK to let someone fall asleep after being hit in the head.
  • Healing from a concussion takes time. It may take days, weeks, or even months.
  • 9 out of 10 athletes will be back to normal within two weeks. They may miss a few games.
  • Kansas law requires a Doctor’s signature (MD or DO) to “Return To Play”.
  • Athletes who return to full contact with symptoms risk, Second Impact Syndrome. A rare but serious brain injury that can be fatal or result in death.
  • Concussions can affect driving, school work, sleep, emotions, relationships, and self-worth.
  • The “game plan” is not just about returning an athlete to his/her sport. It is about returning them safely to their normal life.


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