Concussion Information

If you or a loved one hit your head in a fall or been in a car accident – or any number of other accidents – you might be suffering from a concussion or brain injury. You may have been led to believe that only an athlete can suffer a concussion. The truth is anyone of any age can. Early diagnosis and treatment are critical to getting back to a normal life. Salina Regional Health Center has a system approach to managing concussions from every access point. Whether at work, during a sporting event, car accident or other injury, we have providers trained to help get you or your loved one to the right point of care for evaluation and recovery.

Physicians at Salina Regional Health Center treat mild to severe concussions in adults, adolescents and children. They assess symptoms to make sure the care given helps the brain heal so memory and cognitive functioning are fully restored and the chances of a second concussion are minimal. Salina Regional Health Center’s Concussion Care Program is composed of physicians, nurses, and athletic trainers. The care team is led by physicians from different specialties and the Director of Trauma, Stroke and Chest Pain Services.

If you suspect your child has sustained a concussion, take the following steps:

  • Remove your child from play.
  • Ensure your child is evaluated by a health care professional experienced in concussion evaluation. Do not try to judge the seriousness of the injury yourself.
  • Keep your child out of play until he or she is released by a primary care physician or pediatrician to return to activity.

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